Communication World Network News (CWW) On January 19, the National New Office held a press conference of industrial and information development in 2023. Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that in 2023, it was a very extraordinary year for China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the National New Industrialization Promotion Conference. In accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we adhere to the general tone of the work of steadily advance. Highlighting five stability.

First, industrial production has stabilized. In 2023, the value -added of industries above designated scale increased by 4.6%year -on -year, and the production of key industries was better. 28 of the 41 industrial industries maintained an increase. Top ten key industries have a solid basis, with an average growth rate of more than 5%, which is higher than the average growth level of industrial added value in the country. This provides a strong support for the industrial economy as a whole. The production of electrical machinery equipment, automobiles and other industries achieved double -digit growth, exceeding 10%, and the growth rate of industrial added value in the automotive industry reached 13%. Traditional industries such as steel, colored, petrochemicals have accelerated significantly, and the electronics industry has gone out of the trough, and the annual growth of 3.4%is growing.

The second is the stable recovery of the industrial economy in the majority of provinces. Various localities attach great importance to the development of the manufacturing industry. Guangdong proposed the manufacturing industry. Shandong regards the industrial economy as the number one project. Most of the provinces have increased their industrial added value year -on -year. The role of ten major industrial provinces has a high role, and all production has achieved year -on -year growth. Among the 10 provinces in 10 industrial provinces, the growth rate of 8 provinces is higher than the overall growth rate of industrial added value in the country. The growth rates of Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces have exceeded 7%.

Third, the efficiency of corporates has risen steadily. As of the end of November last year, the losses of industrial enterprises have continued to narrow for eight consecutive months since April 2023; the growth rate of industrial enterprises above designated size has increased for 5 consecutive months, and profits have been achieved from August last year for 4 consecutive months to achieve 4 consecutive months. Positive growth has provided strong support for enterprises to expand innovation and reproduce.

Fourth, industrial investment is steady. Industrial fixed asset investment has maintained an increase of 9%year -on -year; the investment in fixed social assets in the whole society has increased by 3%. Among them, the growth rate of manufacturing investment has been accelerating since August 2023. Investment in industries such as automobiles, electrical machinery equipment, chemicals, and non -ferrous metals has increased by double digits, which is higher than 10%.

Fifth, market expectations are steadily good. As of the end of November 2023, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 483,000, an increase of 32,000 households from the end of 2022, and the operating entity continued to grow and grow. The manufacturing PMI production and operation activities expectation index has risen for three months in October 2023, and the annual index is higher than the critical point.

At the same time, the information and communication industry is also accelerating. In 2023, telecommunications business revenue increased by 6.2%year -on -year, and the total number of telecommunications business increased by 16.8%year -on -year, becoming an important support for economic growth.

The network infrastructure is increasingly complete, with a total of 3.377 million 5G base stations and 23.02 million ports with Gigabit network service capabilities. The foundation of all things is continuously consolidated, and the proportion of mobile IoT terminal users accounts for 57.5%of the number of mobile network terminal connections. Innovation and development of the technical industry, 5G customized base stations and 5G lightweight technology have achieved commercial deployment, and the world’s first satellite call smartphones, 6G, quantum communication, artificial intelligence and other innovation capabilities have been greatly improved.

The empowerment effect continues to be prominent. 5G applications are incorporated into 71 national economic categories, and the number of “5G+Industrial Internet” projects exceeds 10,000. Carry out pilot applications in key areas such as cultural tourism, medical care, education, and education to help restore and expand consumption.

Investigations are promoted in depth, and the national administrative villages have a 5G ratio of more than 80%, and 2577 elderly people, commonly used websites and APPs and APPs have been renovated and upgraded. A total of 54 billion interceptions of harassment calls throughout the year, publicly notified 1861 illegal APPs, and the guarantee of user rights and interests continued to advance.

The network and data security guarantee capabilities have been further enhanced, and the ability to prevent the major risk prevention of basic telecommunications networks continued to improve the protection level of key infrastructure in the industry.

Xin Guobin said that in 2024, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will adhere to the primary task of high -quality development, actively respond to internal and external risk challenges, further consolidate and enhance the recovery of the industrial economy to a good situation, and continue to promote the high -quality development of industrial and communication industries.


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