[Communication Industry Network News] A few days ago, the World Economic Forum (WeF) in Switzerland announced a new list of “Lighthouse Factory”, and 21 new members joined its global lighthouse network. Hengtong Optical Fiber Light Stick Intelligent Manufacturing Factory was successfully selected. This is the first “lighthouse factory” in the global optical communications industry.


The “Lighthouse Factory” is known as “the world’s advanced factories” and is selected by the World Economic Forum (WeF) and McKinsey Consulting Company. According to the selection standard, it is necessary to integrate at least 5 world -class technology applications. Manufacturing “and” Industry 4.0 “demonstrations represent global high -level intelligent manufacturing and digitalization.

Since its first selection in 2018, the number of “lighthouse factories” in the world has reached 153, and there are 62 in China, which has continued to rank first in the world.

The World Economic Forum believes that in the face of higher cost pressure and the expectations of the international market for quality and green production, Hengtong Optical Fiber Light Baseball Intelligent Manufacturing Factory has accelerated the large -scale application of advanced analysis technology, machine vision and artificial intelligence technology. 27 advanced use cases cover the entire production process. After the effective implementation, the unit manufacturing cost is reduced by 21%, the defect rate is reduced by 52%, and the unit energy consumption decreases by 33%.


Hengtong Digital Transformation and Upgrade

Entering the Hengtong Optical Fiber Light Baseball Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, which is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, is a neatly arranged and independently developed precision process and equipment in the sight. A heavy -duty truss robot shuttled back and forth in the grid workshop. The changes of each process parameter are recorded in real time on the screen to control all the production processes in the factory. Behind the “science and technology sense” is the deep integration of Hengtong’s information technology such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, and in -depth integration of advanced manufacturing, in the fields of digital transformation and analysis, intelligent automation, sustainable development and other fields Innovative practice of operation.


From the “intelligent factory” to the “lighthouse factory”, Hengtong’s digital transformation has accumulated slightly, and it is long and long. As early as more than ten years ago, Hengtong took the lead in launching the construction of the “three -in” factories of the factories’ intelligence, manufacturing lean, and management informatization. Model, upgrading intelligent manufacturing with digitalization, intelligent integration of technological innovation, leading enterprises to continuously innovate and break through in the digital economy era, and achieve sustainable and high -quality development. The first batch of national -level intelligent demonstration factories, the national double -crossing industrial Internet platform, the national industrial design center, and the national 5G factory. Members of the global lighthouse network will work with the world’s leading advanced manufacturing capabilities and value chains to jointly apply for the application and operation of the fourth industrial revolution technology to promote the sustainable development of the environment and society.

The manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country and the foundation of a strong country. Under the general trend of the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, the “Lighthouse Factory” has become a new trend and vane in the development of the manufacturing industry. As a leader in the global optical communications industry, selected into the “Lighthouse Factory” means Hengtong actively participates in promoting the construction of new industrialization. Large -scale adoption of new technologies is at the forefront of the world, exploring a relying on independent research and development innovation, promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, and the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Realize new paths of high -quality development.

In the east wind of the digital age, Hengtong will rely on the global industrial layout to gather global innovative resources elements to create more high -end, intelligent, and green “lighthouse factories”, accelerate the creation of world -class enterprises, to promote the manufacturing power, digital China , The construction of a strong country to contributes to private enterprises.

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